Cowal Red Squirrel Group Committee Members

  • Ailsa Close               TREASURER
  • Heather Smith         SECRETARY
  • Barry Stanage          COMMITTEE MEMBER
  • Eleanor Stevenson  COMMITTEE MEMBER


  • Anna Hedridge/Liz Prior – SCOTTISH NATURAL HERITAGE (SNH)
    7 Alexandra Parade, Dunoon, Argyll, PA23 8AB
    Tel: 01369 702466
    E. /
  • Alice Bladzey-Winning –  FRIENDS OF LOCH LOMOND
    T. 01389 727761
  • Mary-Anne Collis
    Project Officer – Argyll, Trossachs and Stirlingshire
    Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, Carrochan, Carrochan Road, Balloch, G83 8EG
    T 01389 722037 M 07825 972434



  • Steve Gillen – FORESTRY COMMISSION SCOTLAND Education Ranger Cowal & Trossachs Forest District
  • T. 07899 064373

Minutes Meeting CRSG 21/06/2016

Apologies:-   Jackie, Barry, Claire

Present:-   Jan, Heather, Barbara, Ailsa

Minutes of the last meeting:- read and agreed

Treasurer’s Report:-.  Balance CRSG Account £2,114.8

Petrol Allowance claimed for by Jan – accepted


  • Standing Oder Form updated
  • Membership certificates with Argyll Printers
  • Application form to be updated by Babs
  • Agreed new member should receive a free gift of a key ring for joining and a small red squirrel card to be sent as a thankyou note
  • At a future date Web site to be set up so that people can join on line


  • Benmore Gardens a great success and £264 raised
  • Sandbank Gala – It was felt the event was primarily for children and only £59 was raised over the whole day
  • Bookpoint Display – Babs and Heather . Advised to arrive at 11.a.m. Jan suggested we try and make it clear the difference between red and greys through the display
  • T-SHIRT – Jan bought one for us to look at. Queries re sizing, quality of print. Jan to look into.
  • Storage Box for new stuffed squirrel – Babs has taken it Ian at D.I.Y.
  • Jan gave a Talk on 20th June Wild Park 2020 Forum about our group – it was very well received – well done Jan
  • Purchase of webcam – Jan checked with Friends of Loch Lomond – ok – Heather to go ahead and order one
  • Jan gave a talk to SWRI Sandbank – very well received and she raised £38..50 – well done
  • Benmore contacted Jan and Squirrel Hide to be installed in next couple of weeks. Asked for donation of peanuts. Agreed to give them 2 sacks Jan to contact Claire re bringing nuts to Benmore. Also thought a good idea to give some peanuts to the shop as they are selling our squirrel boxes. Also agreed we should look to see other areas where peanuts for squirrels might be required eg Ardentinny Walled garden and compile a list as a record– Heather
  • Blairmore Hall have asked if we want to attend Craft Fayre on 2nd July – Babs to let them know
  • Babs been contacted by Menshed – Vol Group – could make cage if have a rescued squirrel.
  • Babs set up a facebook site – babarawildliferescueandrehabdunoon for birds small mammals – brilliant
  • Liz from Innellan has let it be known that she has a squirrel trap cage if we should require it at any time – thank you
  • Heather to contact Inner Wheel re there Craft Fayre in November as we now have stock that would be very suitable for such an event thanks to Babs
  • Jan stated that there would be a Craft Fayre at Toward in the October that we could attend
  • Cormonachan Woods (Douglas) have contacted Jan re our Noticeboards as they are hoping to receive planning permission to extend car park and would like to put one of our Boards up. To be decided if we donate or cover part of the costs


AGM – Tuesday 20th September at Ballochyle House 7p.m.


Jan thanked everyone for attending

It was agreed that the date for the next meeting would be decided at a later date..


MinutesOf Cowal Red Squirrel Group meeting 19th April 2016

Minutes Meeting CRSG 19/04/2016


Apologies:-   Jackie, Ailsa, Barry, Claire

Present:-   Jan, Heather, Barbara,

Minutes of the last meeting:- read and agreed

Treasurer’s Report:-.  Balance CRSG Account £1,842.49


  1. Heather to compile list who is holding what equipment – please send her an e.mail re equipment stock holding. List started re distribution of CRSG leaflets. Again please let Heather know of any new places willing to take our leaflets
  2. Friends of Loch Lomond Grant £500 – Update
  • Jackie has purchased Gazebo and Table which is now being stored by Eleanor – thank you to you both
  • Banner received from Argyll Printers and is now being stored by Jan. Bulldog clips and tube now required – Jan
  • Stuffed squirrel ordered
  • Relevant paperwork to Heather – Jan


  • Revamping leaflet – Heather to revamp and send to members for comments

Direct Debit Form updated and approved – thanks Bill Jan to send Heather copy of form for file

Roadside Poster Leaflet – Jan to contact Claire re making a specific leaflet for Cowal which includes 30mph council stipulation

Future publicity for roadside posters to be discussed at next meeting

Also felt at another meeting discuss membership certificate and freebies for new mwmbers

  • 9 red squirrel boxes sold
  1.   No new members
  2. Website – Babs looking into taking name of original website domain holder off website and website training from local website expert
  3.   Babs trying to source unusual items + looking into possibility of sharing a soft toy squirrel order with SWT to enable us to buy at a more reasonable price



  • Jan, Babs, Heather TO ATTEND Benmore Open Day.10.30 – 4p.m. Ask Eleanor if she can come too. Taking Amber. Kerry has made more jewelry and badges – Thank you Kerry
  • A record to be kept of Noticeboards and who provided finance – Heather to complete and Jan to contact Forestry re siting 3 more Noticeboards
  • Jackie has made a jewelry holder for us – much appreciated – Thank you


Jan thanked everyone for attending

It was agreed that the date for the next meeting would be decided at a later date..


Minutes Cowal Red Squirrel Group 9th February 2016

Minutes Meeting CRSG 9/02/2016


Apologies:-   Jackie, Ailsa, Barry

Present:-   Jan, Heather, Barbara, Eleanor, Claire

Minutes of the last meeting:- read and agreed

Treasurer’s Report:-.


  1. Claire was warmly welcomed to our meeting. She came plus the very good news that our grant application had been successful and that she had managed to get us 100 keyrings, 10 bags peanuts, badge maker, 3,000 CRSG leaflets, 250 pencils, 250 pens, 4 signage boards, 100 perspex fronts for squirrel boxes, 200 squirrel pencil holders. WELL DONE Claire and a big thank you from us all.
  2. Friends of Loch Lomond Grant £500 – Jackie to organize purchase of Gazebo and banner with logo from local printers ( A1 SIZE ), Jan ordered stuffed red squirrel from Paul Kent + looking into a wooden carrying case – Babs suggested contacting Vitners Dunoon for one,

Also discussed having a sweat shirt from Argyll Printers with CRSG LOGO on – approx cost £15 – Jan to look into this. Plus look into costing out the price of a slow release cage 4ft x 4ft for another grant application or purchase it ourselves.

  • Roadside Poster – link up with local council re advice where members of the general public can put posters in their grounds. Jan to contact council – Paul Farrel or Mike Breslin Poster for sale at £5.00 each, Heather visited Bank and was told we are such a small group that it was not viable for us to set up Direct Debits for membership. Standing Order form to be revamped making it clear that new members need to take form into their own bank. Feeding leaflet to be revamped next meeting
  • 2 red squirrel boxes sold
  1. No new members
  2. Website – Jackie producing an Idiots Guide to using the web site. Domain renewal upcoming. Babs pays yearly sub as an additional person as Susan still main name. Will look into seeing if this can be changed. E.Mail renewal done
  3. Babs trying to source unusual items – soft toys, cups, doorsteps good deals on bulk orders – look into possibility of sharing this order with another group – Claire to help.



  • Jan giving Red Squirrel Talk May Sandbank SWRI
  • Jackie has made a wooden display holder for Jewellry – THANK YOU
  • Eleanor had attended Wild in Argyll Meeting where it was said hoteliers to promote local wildlife
  • Jan to buy perpex leaflet holders for new leaflets
  • Claire had been contacted by Peter Baxter re installing a squirrel hide in Benmore Gardens
  • Decided a list should be made of who is holding what stock, equipment for CRSG. Eleanor offered to store Gazebo and Table
  • Let vet know what First Aid Equipment we have


Jan thanked everyone for attending

It was agreed that the date for the next meeting would be Tuesday April 12th at 7.00p.m.


Minutes of Cowal Red Squirrel Group meeting 18th November 2015

Minutes Meeting CRSG 18/11/2015

Apologies:-   Jackie, Ailsa, Barry

Present:-   Jan, Heather, Barbara,Eleanor

Minutes of the last meeting:- read and agreed

Treasurer’s Report:-.


  1. Friends of Loch Lomond have once again generously given us a grant of £500 towards A Gazebo, Display Table, Banner and Stuffed red squirrel. Jan to order items
  2. Jan and Heather met with the new SSRS officer – Claire McInroy . She was extremely helpful and enthusiastic and we all look forward to working with her
  • Heather reported that Toward Craft Fayre had been a success for CRSG and we made £142.55 after paying for Table
  • Yearly Plan for 2015/16


It was decided to concentrate on the following :-

  • Complete installing red squirrel noticeboards throughout Cowal
  • Revamp our CRSG leaflet, Feeder Sheet and Mandate Form – priority for next meeting
  • Purchase and encourage the public/community use of display Plastic Road Signs. An information leaflet to be provided re sighting and Local Authority Roadside requirements
  • Develop public awareness of reporting red squirrel sightings onto SWT web site
  • Website Training to members of the committee by Jackie
  • Suitable events for Amber
  1. Red Squirrel Box Sales – going well. Jan sold quite a few from own Home
  2. New Members – 6
  3. Website Update – see attached sheet from Jackie
  4. New Stock – Stock running low. Agreed to put aside £300 for Babs to acquire new stock


  • Inner Wheel Craft Fayre had asked why we hadn’t taken a stall. It was suggested that we offer Amber to meet and greet visitors for a small donation or in leu of paying for stall
  • Heather reported that the COOP grant application had been refused
  • Jan told us that the Vets have been looking after an injured squirrel (head injury) for 3 weeks from Fairy Glen and that it would be due for release soon. Suggested an article be put in the paper.
  • Everyone decided they would like to have a post Christmas Meal at The Villagers Royal on Saturday 16th January at 1p.m. Heather to book.


Jan thanked everyone for attending

It was agreed that the date for the next meeting would be decided at the post Christmas meal


Minutes – Cowal Red Squirrel Group AGM – 23rd September 2014

Cowal Red Squirrel Group AGM

23rd  September 2014 Ballochyle House 6.30p.m.


Present – Jan F, Barry, Heather, Barbara, Ailsa, Jackie

a] Apologies for absence – Paul McDonald


b] Approve the minutes of all previous General Meetings – Agreed

c] Receive a report from the Committee of the last year’s activities [ Jan] – Received and accepted – 7th Year

d] Receive and approve accounts  – Expenditure/equipment [ Ailsa ] – Approved

e] Appoint and /or re-elect members of the Committee


Retiring – Jimmy Sim, Mary MacKay

Nominated       Seconded

To be re-elected – Jan Ferguson – Chair                                                        Barry               Heather

-no volunteer- Education

– Heather Smith – Secretary                                               Babs                 Ailsa

– Barbara Smith – Mem Sec/Retail Heather                   Jan

– Alison Duncan – no longer on committee

– Barry Stanage                                                                     Ailsa                 Heather


To be elected –

– Jackie Mcburney                                                                 Jan                     Babs


First Aider – Barbara Smith

A.O.B – To be carried forward to the next meeting

Date of next meeting to be arranged –

Tuesday 28th November 6.30 p.m. at Ballochyle House