Minutes Meeting CRSG 29/07/2014

Minutes Meeting CRSG 29/07/2014


Apologies:-  Alison, Jackie, Megan, Barry

Present:-   Jan, Heather, Barbara, Ailsa,

Minutes of the last meeting:- read and agreed


Treasurer’s Report:- Balance – £985  Sandbank Gala £25




  1. Babs attended Day Course Wildlife First Aid Hesselhead  on 3rd May- equipment being ordered
  2. 3rd Sector Grant Noticeboard installed Friday May 30th. Jackie to take photos, contacted local paper and uploaded photos onto web site. Thanks. Very informative article went into paper.
  3. Jackie to help Heather produce a suitable letter to Argyll Holidays asking for sponsorship
  4. Squirrel Box Sales – 1
  5. Jan reported back that Sandbank Gala went well although she had to run the stall on her own. We really could do with more volunteers to help with manning stalls. Anthony dressed up as Amber and with Jan attended Toward end of term Barbecue. The children loved Amber. Thanks again to Anthony for dressing up
  6. Jan spoke of her wonderful day at Warwick Hall where she received her Shining Light Award. Well done Jan and it reflects well on the success of our group.
  7. On the 19th July Heather, Jim and Jan attended an event at the Burgh Hall to highlight the work of local charities. Many stalls and Jan networked with several stall holders (Todd Ferguson) but unfortunately the event was poorly attended. Heather and Jim went onto Argyll Street with Amber – much appreciated thought most people were just driving past in their cars. A Saturday event at Burgh Hall not really worth while.
  8. A discussion took place re helpers etc for Little Acorns and Ailsa suggested we ran a competition to find where Amber was hiding on a map of Cowal. Heather to sort. Babs to buy more stock for event




Highlight web site on CRSG leaflet as people saying don’t know who to contact.

Jan spoke of 4 baby squirrels that had been rescued in Ardrishiag and how she was able to give relevant advice

Matt had given on request a price for Noticeboard without frame A2 for £125.35 and Jan contacting local retired joiner Evan Malcolm re price of frame

Alice Blazey Winney had contacted Jan to let her know funds available from Friends of Loch Lomond. Will ask for money to go towards more Noticeboards, soft release cage



Jan thanked everyone for attending

It was agreed that the next meeting would be The AGM  Ballochyle House at 6.30p.m. on 16th or 23rd September


Minutes 23rd November 2011

Apologies:- M.M. J.B. S.F.

Present:- L.P. R.F. J.S. J.F. H.S

Minutes of the last meeting:- read and agreed

Treasurer’s Report:- Not read M.M not Present
– H.S. stated that OSC Form had been completed and sent

1.Squirrel Hides
– Jan reported back meeting being arranged with Benmore + Lewis Pate to be present. Benmore keen for a proposed squirrel hide and had a suitable site, aware of funding difficulties and suggesting Free Day for general public to Benmore to see hide.

– Heather reported back Vicky Neville of Bishop’s Glen keen and after walk round site proposed. Suggested trial squirrel box should be placed on proposed site and committee agreed. H.S. to contact V.N. re this. Vicky making a bid to Woods in and around out Towns in March.

Hannah Clinch – Community Development Officer Ardintinny Walled Garden thinking of having a squirrel Hide
Tel 07780604031.

– Russel Gill – Colintrieve and Glendaurel Community Trust e.mailed J.F – enthusiastic to work with us

2. Regular Newspaper Articles
-H.S. sent article to Sandbank and J.F. for National Park
– A.D. completing article on rescued squirrel and J.F. to add section on protocol for dealing with an injured squirrel. H.S. to find out if Janet Ellice willing to have tel nos in local paper
– R.F. to provide Loch and Glen [ Holy Loch/Blairmore community paper] with an article on red squirrels

3. Squirrel Box Sales

4. Squirrel Monitoring
Friends of Loch Lomond still waiting for monies to come in

5. Road Shows
Agreed look at early next year

6. Web Site
H.S. sent relevant info – minutes, action plan, articles to S.F. H.S received relevant info from John’s computer disc

7. New Members

8. First Aid
J.F. left leaflets at Vets + J.E. TEL NOS


341 leaflets left
No news from SWT re secretarial help as yet
Lewis suggested we apply for peanuts from Natural Heritage Grant Scheme for Ardgartan, Benmore and Bishops Glen H.S. to follow up
Forestry Commision Squirrel Transects – H.S. + friend volunteered on 27th Oct & 14th Nov working with Rebecca Smith [ Conservation Officer ] in Glenbranter, Loch Eck and Ardentinny Areas. Photos taken to be part future newspaper article
J.F stated that it was important to secure the future of red squirrels at Castle Toward after recent accepted bid by Season’s Holiday Firm
Contact address sheet distributed to relevant committee members

The meeting concluded with Lewis Pate giving the group an up to date talk on Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels.
It was most informative covering what had taken place between March 2010 – November 2011. Much progress had taken place with regard to monitoring and irradicating grey squirrels and it was hoped that funding would be available to continue the much needed work.
It was however upsetting to learn that Squirrel Pox had now been found at Mauchline

Lewis was thanked and Jan thanked everyone for their attendance.
It was agreed that the next meeting should take place on Thursday 12th January at 6.30p.m. at S.N.H. Office

Minutes 6th Sept 2011

J.F introduced. JF is from LLTNP who is providing support for the Group with regard new projects. He had previously met with J and looked at a proposed Action Plan for 2011/12 and agreed with it in principal.


The following areas where then looked at and relevant comments made:-


1. Squirrel Hides

  • Arrange to look at Hide Glenbranter [Forestry Commission] Park Ranger will organise in order to gain idea type required plus look on websites for other designs
  • Approach sites proposed to see if they are willing to have a Squirrel Hide and will help with running and maintaining. Park Ranger to contact Kilfinnan as in process of felling trees and may be able to help re materials for squirrel hides.
  • Identify funding options – JF will look into this


2. Regular Newspaper Articles
Agreed in principal – H @ J to work on 2- general article plus another on release of A’s baby squirrel.


3. Squirrel Box Sales
Agreed in principal


4. Squirrel Monitoring
Put on next months agenda


5. Develop Road Shows
Agreed in principal


6. Develop Web Site
Agreed in principal plus suggestions to go onto Face book, Dunoon Website and Glow – an educational site.


7. New Members
Agreed in principal
J.B. provided name of person willing to become Treasures H.S. to follow up.


It was felt an extra Area needed to be added to the list.


8. First Aid for Red Squirrels
Due to recent experience of rescuing a red squirrel it was felt that it would be extremely beneficial if CRSG could have their own facility to nurse an injured Red squirrel. JE was introduced to the group and agreed to take on that role with the group providing relevant equipment. She has an HND in animal care and has had training with handling red squirrels. The group thanked Janet for her much needed help re this matter and J said she would liaise with JE re information she had gained from Hesselhead.


In addition it was felt that notices should be posted in the Vets, Pet Shops, Library providing the public with information required when they find a damaged red squirrel – content to be decided at next meeting


The Meeting concluded with a short report from Jan re her attendance at the Regional meeting for Red Squirrels. The Bad news was that the squirrel pox virus has spread right across southern Scotland and that concerns were raised re continued funding for saving the red squirrels. Good news a large amount of greys have been successfully eliminated especially in the west Lomond Area.


The meeting concluded and J thanked everyone for their attendance
It was agreed that the next meeting should take place on Wed 19th October 2011 at 6.30 at S.N.H.Office


Minutes 8th July 2009

20th Cowal Red Squirrel Committee Minutes 8th July 2009

Present/Attending John Massey, Jan Ferguson, Heather Smith, Kerrie Ferguson, Jim Downie.

1. Apologies
Dinah McDonald, Jimmy Sim.

2. Minutes of Meeting 7th April 2009
John reported that he had misplaced his notes for this meeting due to moving his office about and would continue looking.
Proposed Seconded
Changes None

3. Matters Arising
Nothing to report.

4. Business of the group

4.1. Members.
Current membership = 100
4.2. Finance
On Account £504.33 + 206 Bills Paid Nil Total £710.33

4.3. Other
It was agreed that we purchase 6 hand held microscopes to aid the Feeder box surveying. Jim agreed to action this and will contact John for payment. John and Jim will investigate costs for a pull–up display to enhance the ‘Road- show’ as it was agreed to purchase this item.

5. Planning Applications and Department
John will contact David Eaglesham again at Argyll & Bute planning to try and arrange a meeting. John reported that he had been contacted by Ross Petro to conduct a survey of the woods at Dunclutha and was waiting for further details.

6. Pine cones transects Update
Jim reported that this was due to take place on 16th July and would make all preparations for permissions and transport. Kerrie and Heather agreed to participate in this.

7. Feeding Boxes Update
Jim reported that we should not have to get any more nuts until next year. John asked Jim if he could send him the photo’s of the survey as he was being pestered for them by the funders.

8. Training Update
Jim agreed to conduct training for Pine cone transects as needed and also
Microscope usage in identifying squirrel hairs. Jan agreed to contact Hesselhead for animal welfare training and John agreed to contact Phil Ratcliff to see if he could assist the group with this.

9. Website Update
John agreed to contact Susan to update the website and if not how could we do it ourselves.

10. Road-Show Events
Lochgoil raft race 1st Aug. Ardgarten 2nd Aug. John will contact Jim S to make arrangements for collection and return of materials so that both events can be covered. Heather agreed to assist at Ardgarten and use the time to carry out feeder survey simultaneously. Small Acorns- Hunter’s Quay 15-16th Aug. Jan agreed to assist at this event.

11. Future Planned Activities
John reported that he had attended a meeting with Alice Blazy-Winning (Friends of Loch Lomond) and that they were keen to sponsor our group with their payback scheme. Possibilities of this could be sponsoring a squirrel hide and/or supplying us with items such as fridge magnets. Benmore gardens would be interested in the squirrel hide.

12. Any other business
John reported that he Paul Kent generously offered to donate the print that is owed to him to be auctioned or sold on and donated to the group. Jim suggested that the group write a letter of support to Mel Tonkin for the proposed squirrel officer post.

13. Date, Place and time of next meeting

Minutes 20th Jan. 2009

17th Cowal Red Squirrel Committee Minutes 20th Jan. 2009

Present/Attending John Massey, Jan Ferguson, Heather Smith, Jim Downie.

1. Apologies: Susan Fitzpatrick, Dinah MacDonald, Ray Wood.

2. Minutes of Meeting 25th November 2009:
Proposed Jim Downie Seconded Heather Smith
Changes None

3. Matters Arising: None except John will E Mail members for committee volunteers.

4. Business of the group:
4.1. Members: 91
4.2. Finance: On Account £947.72 Bills Paid Nil Total £947.72
4.3. Other: John reported that he had spoken to Ray and was told that Ray was to have a heart operation and would not be returning to work afterwards. John to see Ray tomorrow to discuss details.

5. Planning Applications and Department: John reported that he was still waiting a reply from planning. Jim reported that he had visited the site at Whistlefield where they are proposing to erect 14 chalets. The site itself has no trees on it but is surrounded by ‘ancient woodland’ which should impact on the planning application. It was agreed that John will send a letter to the NP planning department raising our concerns of disturbing red squirrel habitat in surrounding woodlands. Jim to let John have planning details number.

6. Rope Bridges Update: John reported that he had received an electronic copy of the report, and Jim added that he had been able to get a further copy made at a reduced size as the original was too big to E Mail. The group agreed the points to be included in our recommendation of the report and John will send everyone a copy for approval before sending it to Stephen. John reported that he had been contacted by A&B Council regarding road-signs That were missing at Lochgoil.
After further discussion it was agreed that John use this contact to see if we can get further signs erected.

7. Feeding Boxes Update: Jim reported that we were completely out of peanuts now, but that Dinah was to pick some up on Friday. John informed and showed the group a feeder box that he had made. It was agreed that we would sell these boxes for £10 at our road-show events, and that membership was included as well. With the information pack that that is inside each feeder there is the potential for sustained squirrel sightings. John also showed the group a design to have a brand made to be burnt onto each feeder box to promote the group. The local blacksmith has quoted the cost of manufacturing the brand would be £50, and this was agreed by the group. John also reported that the total cost of the wood for the boxes would be between £20-£30, including the wood for Dunoon Grammar School project.

8. Training Update: Jim reported that he had visited the school twice and John once, and that the project agreed on would be that the children would manufacture feeder boxes and carry out survey work at ‘Puck’s Glen’. This would also help some of our work as ‘Grey’ sightings had been reported in that area. Jim also reported that he thought that the work may assist the children gaining the John Muir Award.
Jim mentioned that he had run into a problem on hair identification as he was finding a groove on both red and grey hairs which has not been the case up until now. Further investigation will be ongoing.

9. Website Update: Nothing to report.

10. Hunter’s Quay Woodland Plan: John agreed to contact Jackie McBurney to agree dates for the planned survey work in the spring, and will liaise with Jim.

11. Future Planned Activities: Jim suggested that we include ‘movies’ of squirrel activity in our presentation to make it more interesting for the forthcoming season. Jan agreed to film activity at the feeders in her back garden. Jim also informed the group of a link to some films that can be downloaded for educational purposes: www.arkive.org

12. Any other business: Nothing to report.

13. Date, Place and time of next meeting: Tuesday 24th February 7.00 pm Sandbank Village Hall.

Minutes 24th Feb. 2009

18th Cowal Red Squirrel Committee Minutes 24th Feb. 2009

John Massey, Jan Ferguson, Heather Smith.

1. Apologies: Susan Fitzpatrick, Dinah MacDonald, Jimmy Sim, Jim Downie.

2. Minutes of Meeting 20th January 2009:
Proposed    Heather Smith        Seconded    Jan Ferguson
Changes     None

3. Matters Arising: Ray Woods our Treasurer sadly passed away since our last meeting. John agreed to take up duties until a new Treasurer is found.

4. Business of the group
4.1. Members: Current membership = 91
4.2. Finance: On Account    £933.72    Bills Paid     J McCluskey £30.00                     Total                £933.72
4.3. Other: John reported that he had spoken to Ray’s widow and that he had received all relevant paperwork to continue Treasurers duties. John proposed that we donate a feeder box in memory of Ray to his widow, and this was agreed. He also reported that he had been in touch with the bank to redirect all mail to him in the interim. John also informed the group that Jimmy Sim had agreed to region the committee, but that he had a prior commitment for this meeting.

A.G.M. This is due to take place in April. Discussions took place and it was agreed to hold it at Uig Hall if it is available, with the same format as last year. John agreed to contact as many members by E Mail as possible to save on postage, and the remainder by Royal Mail.  John will also place an advert in the local paper at the appropriate time.

5. Planning Applications and Department: Jim still to let John have planning details number for Whistlefield site. John will contact David Eaglesham at Argyll & Bute planning to try and arrange a meeting.

6. Rope Bridges Update: Nothing to report.

7. Feeding Boxes Update: John reported that at the last National Park meeting Dave Anderson pointed out that we were selling the boxes as cheap or cheaper than he could purchase them. It was agreed to sell them for £15.00. Dinah had been in touch with John about payment for nuts which she had purchased on behalf of the group.

8. Training Update: John reported that Jim had completed his last visit to Puck’s Glen with the school and that the hairs collected were due to be analysed. Jim also plans to continue with the hair analysis training and will contact individuals accordingly.

9. Website Update: Nothing to report.

10. Hunter’s Quay Woodland Plan: Nothing to report.

11. Future Planned Activities: Heather has agreed to attend the Homecoming event at Broxwood on the 9th May and Jan the Gala on the 13th June.

12. Any other business:
John reported that he had used the projector at the last Area Network at Uig Hall and had borrowed a camera tripod to mount it on. This proved to be very successful and it was agreed that we purchase a tripod for future use. John agreed to investigate this and report back.

13. Date, Place and time of next meeting: Tuesday 7th April 7.00 pm Sandbank Village Hall.