Minutes Meeting CRSG 9/02/2016


Apologies:-   Jackie, Ailsa, Barry

Present:-   Jan, Heather, Barbara, Eleanor, Claire

Minutes of the last meeting:- read and agreed

Treasurer’s Report:-.


  1. Claire was warmly welcomed to our meeting. She came plus the very good news that our grant application had been successful and that she had managed to get us 100 keyrings, 10 bags peanuts, badge maker, 3,000 CRSG leaflets, 250 pencils, 250 pens, 4 signage boards, 100 perspex fronts for squirrel boxes, 200 squirrel pencil holders. WELL DONE Claire and a big thank you from us all.
  2. Friends of Loch Lomond Grant £500 – Jackie to organize purchase of Gazebo and banner with logo from local printers ( A1 SIZE ), Jan ordered stuffed red squirrel from Paul Kent + looking into a wooden carrying case – Babs suggested contacting Vitners Dunoon for one,

Also discussed having a sweat shirt from Argyll Printers with CRSG LOGO on – approx cost £15 – Jan to look into this. Plus look into costing out the price of a slow release cage 4ft x 4ft for another grant application or purchase it ourselves.

  • Roadside Poster – link up with local council re advice where members of the general public can put posters in their grounds. Jan to contact council – Paul Farrel or Mike Breslin Poster for sale at £5.00 each, Heather visited Bank and was told we are such a small group that it was not viable for us to set up Direct Debits for membership. Standing Order form to be revamped making it clear that new members need to take form into their own bank. Feeding leaflet to be revamped next meeting
  • 2 red squirrel boxes sold
  1. No new members
  2. Website – Jackie producing an Idiots Guide to using the web site. Domain renewal upcoming. Babs pays yearly sub as an additional person as Susan still main name. Will look into seeing if this can be changed. E.Mail renewal done
  3. Babs trying to source unusual items – soft toys, cups, doorsteps good deals on bulk orders – look into possibility of sharing this order with another group – Claire to help.



  • Jan giving Red Squirrel Talk May Sandbank SWRI
  • Jackie has made a wooden display holder for Jewellry – THANK YOU
  • Eleanor had attended Wild in Argyll Meeting where it was said hoteliers to promote local wildlife
  • Jan to buy perpex leaflet holders for new leaflets
  • Claire had been contacted by Peter Baxter re installing a squirrel hide in Benmore Gardens
  • Decided a list should be made of who is holding what stock, equipment for CRSG. Eleanor offered to store Gazebo and Table
  • Let vet know what First Aid Equipment we have


Jan thanked everyone for attending

It was agreed that the date for the next meeting would be Tuesday April 12th at 7.00p.m.