Red Squirrel can be seen all around Cowal and Hunters Quay is no different. As such, visitors are encouraged to look out for our furry friends and the signs that they have been around, like half eaten pine cones etc. Our new interpretation board aims to educate visitors  about our precious little friend. The board has been mounted in a wee roofed display courtesy of the Woodland Manager.

Hopefully visitors will get many years of pleasure reading the information on the boards.


Cowal Red Squirrel Group Interpretation Board

Ardkinglas Estate working in partnership with Cowal Red Squirrel Group

We have had the great news that Ardkinglas Estate wish to work in partnership sponsoring Cowal Red Squirrel Group, helping to raise awareness of the loved Red Squirrel. To this end, the estate have offered to pay for an interpretation board, arrange to frame it and have it erected in the gardens.

We are delighted to have this opportunity to work with local businesses to help maintain and enhance our native Red Squirrel.

For information on visiting Ardkinglas Estate and it’s woodland garden visit:



Today  the sun shone on us as we unveiled our first red squirrel interpretation board, situated beside Forestry Commission Scotland’s ‘big tree walk’ just across from Benmore Botanic Gardens.

Great fun and laughter prevailed as we proceeded to take the shots of Amber, our fun loving Red Squirrel, celebrating the installation of the interpretation board with Martin from the Forestry Commission. It was all we could do to keep her on the ground and there were definitely times where she  looked longingly at the canopy of the trees as if she was going to scurry off to find some lunch!

Setting aside the fun and frolics of the day, the board has been put in place to highlight red squirrels in Cowal and show information on what they eat and help you see the evidence of squirrels in the area.

Cowal remains the 18th stronghold in Scotland for reds, with the Grey Squirrel being kept at bay, for the moment, due to the topographical nature of the land.

We are delighted to have  worked in partnership with the  Forestry Commission and hope this interpretation board will help to inform and educate visitors to the area and locals alike. It is up to us to do everything we can to help sustain a healthy population of the iconic red squirrel in Cowal.

Hope you enjoy the board and look out for others in the future.

Feeder Box Survey

We are involved in conducting feeder box surveys in the woods by Ardgarten to try to establish how many Grey Squirrels there are in the area. This information will help us devise a plan to remove them from the area and stop further intrusion into Cowal. This in turn will help protect the native Red Squirrel population. Many thanks to the volunteers who keep the feeder boxes stocked up with nuts.

Some of the money raised for the group is spent on purchasing nuts in order to conduct the survey.

Education and Training.

Working  in partnership with Forestry Commission Scotland to promote red squirrels, visit schools and clubs giving talks and demonstrations on red squirrel conservation.

Our latest project in partnership with Forestry Commission Scotland has been the installation of interpretation boards at the big tree walk across from Benmore Botanic Gardens, with plans for further boards to be put at other relevant walks within Forestry Commission areas.

Pine Cone Transects

Pine cone transects were conducted on Sunday 6th April at Beinn Lagan, close to Glenbranter, to see how many red squirrels these woods support. If you wish to volunteer for future transects please get in touch with:

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