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Welcome to Cowal Red Squirrel Group


Our Mission Statement:

‘To save and maintain a healthy population of Red Squirrels in Cowal’


The objective of Cowal Red Squirrel Group is to protect and preserve Red Squirrels in the Cowal region of Scotland by maintaining and expanding the current Red Squirrel population.

Some of the activities the group are involved in are:-

    • Carrying out Pine Cone Transects
    • Education and Training in schools, at road-shows and events
    • Squirrel Hair-Collection Techniques
    • Partnership working with environmental organisations such as Forestry Commission Scotland, Scottish Wildlife Trust and SNH
    • Advising the general public on how they can ‘do their bit’ for Red Squirrels in Cowal
    • Working alongside local organisations and businesses ensuring  enhancement of habitat for Red Squirrels
    • Working with local Woodland Managers and Environmental Project Managers to survey and enhance Red Squirrel Habitat in Cowal
    • Actively seeking funding for educational  interpretation boards
    • Co-ordinating Volunteers at events and road- shows
    • Manufacturing squirrel feeder boxes for sale